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Stainless Steel Charcoal Firebox

  • MUST HAVE FOR TRUE BBQ FANS: What a great addition to your Oklahoma Joe smoker accessories! The Kibaga charcoal grilling basket is specifically designed to fit inside the firebox of your Oklahoma Joe’s grill, but also works fantastically with most other offset smokers
  • TOP-NOTCH SMOKER FIREBOX BASKET: Constructed of high quality stainless steel, the BBQ charcoal basket is made to last! The coal basket is embellished with stylish flame perforations to suit the BBQ vibes – enjoy your super juicy and aromatic steaks & veggies
  • PERFECTLY SIZED GRILL BASKET: Yummy grilled delights in the making! Thanks to its large capacity of 12.3×12.3×8” the smoker basket offers ample space for a large amount of briquettes or charcoals; Create a concentrated heat zone to prepare delicious smoked and grilled results
  • SUPER CONVENIENT TO HANDLE & CLEAN: The Kibaga charcoal box for smoker is extremely functional! Use the spacious handle to lift the coal box out of your smoker firebox area easily for an easy clean up
  • NEXT LEVEL BBQ EXPERIENCE: You will be impressed on how much you can benefit from using the BBQ smoker basket! Reduce your wood, charcoal or briquette consumption while improving your smoke with getting a more consistent and even heat
The Kibaga firebox basket for Oklahoma Joe’s smoker – Level up your BBQ game!
Use the Kibaga charcoal baskets for smoker by Oklahoma Joe’s or most other offset smokers to smoke and grill some of your favorites.

Made of premium quality stainless steel the BBQ smoker basket is your long-term buddy for great barbecue sessions!
Even before you get started you get right into the best mood thanks to the unique design with flame perforations. Spacious handles make it super easy to lift the basket out of the smoker for an easy clean up.

The large capacity of 12.3 W x 12.3 D x 8 inches of the Kibaga firebox for smoker provides full functionality and value by offering ample space for a large amount of briquettes or charcoals – relish the joyful moments of smoking and grilling without the necessity to refuel the heat source.

The thought of yummy briskets, pulled pork & other grilled delicacies makes your mouth water? Then what are you waiting for?
Add charcoal (or other resources) to the firebox basket and get started now. The smoker basket will ensure that you achieve and maintain a consistent and even heat, which is the game changer to master the smoking and grilling process successfully. Plus: You not only boost your results, but also reduce the consumption of charcoal, wood, briquettes, etc.!
Make the most out of BBQ season and add the Kibaga firebox basket to your cart now!