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Smell Proof Bag

  • ODOR PROOF Storage Case – NO ESCAPE FOR SMELLS: Whether at home, while travelling or for transporting your strong odor accessories, the KIBAGA smell proof case with its 8-layer advanced carbon technology is your discreet storage solution for odor intensive storage
  • VERSATILE SMELL PROOF CASE: The 8.5×5.5×4.5” large smell proof bag is super practicable for various applications; use it as lock box or in general as a smell proof container for your stash, herbs, spices, or your lunch! It keeps odors sealed up tight, while also maintaining the flavor of the contents
  • COMPLETELY SECURE: Thanks to the simple combination lock, the smell proof stash bag offers maximum protection; it’s your business what’s in the bag – and the security lock ensures it stays this way
  • FUNCTIONAL & STYLISH – MAKE IT A HANDBAG: Premium materials, heavy-duty zipper & a classic light grey color – the bag is flawlessly efficient in quality & design! The bag is easy to carry with the included straps
  • GET ORGANIZED – INCL. FOIL POUCH BAGS: The flexible compartment sizes of the smell proof box give you the freedom to fit everything according to your needs; 3 sturdy, removable dividers & as a bonus 2 resealable foil pouch bags – prepared for all eventualities
No more unwanted or unpleasant smells! The KIBAGA smell proof box completely prevents scent from leaking out of the bag, keeping the flavor of your stash, herbs, spices, meals or other goods within the insulated compartments. All thanks to its advanced 8-layer protection with exclusive carbon technology.

The Storage Case is super versatile:

Use it as lock box for personal items, for the odorless storage of fresh herbs & food and as well for travel use. Also works great as lunch box! Tired of sharing your lunch meals involuntarily with your colleagues? Set the combination lock to make sure your food lasts until lunch time in the break room.
Hard to surpass in efficiency, functionality and in design
The smell proof containers by KIBAGA offer maximum protection! The bag is equipped with a easy to set combination lock for you to feel secure at all times. Great to keep kids or anyone else away from the contents of your bag.
Premium materials, such as the heavy-duty zipper, as well as the moisture-repellent and puncture-resistant features contribute to the high durability of the bag.
With 8.5×5.5×4.5 inches it has the perfect size not only for applications at home, but also for travel or transport. Add on the included straps and it becomes a handbag – super convenient to carry it with ease. Furthermore, the smell proof bag is equipped with 3 removable dividers, so you can customize it depending on your needs.
You will also receive 2 resealable foil pouch bags in matte black for full flexibility and freedom in organizing your items.
Get the KIBAGA smell proof stash bag to store your belongings and odor-intensive supplies safely and discretely. Add it to your cart today and enjoy the advantages of no odor storage!