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Reusable Stencils for Painting

  • YOUR UNIQUE HOME & PORCH DECOR: Accentuate your decor with the beautiful Kibaga wall painting stencils & create your personal well-being oasis; The welcome sign stencil set comes with 9 seasonal stencils & 24 cute shapes ranging from hearts to anchors
  • 1 STENCIL SET- ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: Use the stencils for painting on wood, walls & more with acrylic or spray paints (recommended). Set contains: Large & Vertical WELCOME Stencil, 6x Seasonal Stencils (Merry Christmas, Happy Spring, Hello Summertime, Hello Fall, Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Holidays) + 24 unique accents
  • GREAT FOR CONTINUED USE: The stencils for painting not only offer a wide range of options in terms of surface, color and paint finish but are also reusable; Thanks to a great quality and the lovely, modern calligraphy you can use each painting template for years to come
  • SUPER EASY TO HANDLE: Enjoy your time in the creative corner with the christmas stencils, welcome signs for front porch & more; Simply follow the included instructions
  • DISPLAY YOUR CREATIVITY & SAVE BUCKS: Make your own unique artwork instead of shopping pricey standard pieces; Beautiful DIY art to add your home decoration
The KIBAGA seasonal stencil set is an awesome way to add lovely details to your home décor while having fun creative sessions.
9 sheets of stencils include:
6 sayings incl. a large vertical WELCOME stencil sign + Merry Christmas, Happy Spring, Sweet Summertime, Hello Fall, Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Holidays 24 graphics such as stars, arrows & more to add your own stamp of uniqueness
Whether as a wall stencil to beautify any room with gorgeous lettering and flowery emblems or the large letter stencils used to create a front porch sign.
Use the WELCOME porch décor stencil & Seasonal stencils for painting on wood, paint some of the decorative shapes such as the anchors to your bathroom wall, floors or paper. You choose surface, colors, patterns as well as paint finish. For best application success, the use of acrylic paints along with high-density sponges/brushes or foam rollers is recommended.
Made of great quality, with the stencils designed in a trendy farmhouse style calligraphy. Reusable for a variety of DIY projects throughout the years. Note: The stencils even work with chalk or milk paint.
Time to showcase your creativity – HOW TO:
  1. Make sure the surface you want to stencil is clean & dry
  2. Use a temporary adhesive to secure stencil, such as a spray-on temporary adhesive/tape to avoid potential gaps between stencil & surface
  3. Apply acrylic paint evenly and slowly with a paintbrush, sponge or a foam roller (DO NOT overload paint)
  4. Apply several thin layers until desired color is achieved. Make sure to allow for a brief drying period between each layer
  5. Remove stencil very slowly & carefully by pulling it up from one corner across to the other side
  6. Clean stencil with soap & water and they are ready to be used over and over again