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Premium Raised Garden Bed

  • Transform Your Yard Into A Flourishing Paradise: With the galvanized raised garden bed you can soon enjoy your homegrown, fresh produce! Planter raised beds are the perfect start to a veggie garden, flower bed or to growing your favorite herbs
  • Built To Last For Many Harvesting Seasons To Come: The Kibaga raised beds for gardening vegetables are made of stable, durable & galvanized steel! Premium material – sure to impress you for a long time to come, a home to self-grown vegetables & thriving plants
  • Easy To Assemble & Flexible Size: Only a few steps & you can start planting in your galvanized planter box! Rods to connect the panels, screws and simple instructions are included – you can even change the size (5.9×1.8×0.8ft) individually by removing panels. Super handy!
  • Versatile Open-Bottom Raised Bed: The metal raised garden bed has an open base ensuring you can create the perfect environment for your veggies & plants to grow! Use galvanized planters for veggies, fruits, herbs or even set up colorful flowers
  • Beautiful Addition To Any Garden: You will love the unique flair the modern garden beds add to your garden scenery with their curved oval shape and classic look
KIBAGA raised garden beds for vegetables & more: plant it, grow it, enjoy it! You’ll never forget the day you ate your delicious homegrown veggies & herbs for the first time. What an intense, fresh taste – right out of your own garden! Whether you want to grow cauliflower, radishes lettuce & co. or plant a flower bed to create a beautiful fairy garden – the premium planter box by Kibaga provides the perfect conditions for you to plant and grow your own vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers and other plants! Designed with an open bottom construction it ensures soil contact, which is absolutely essential to drain away excess water and prevent rotting. Also it supports the migration of beneficial microorganisms to your garden bed, for a functioning biological cycle and a great result of your crop. Premium quality at its finest: made from super stable, durable and galvanized steel the raised beds for gardening are built to last for many harvesting seasons to come! First class planter beds for first class homegrown foods. Easy to assemble: simply follow 5 steps for the assembly and you are all good to get started with the planting process! Assembing material and simple instructions for the planter box are included. Dimension of the raised garden bed: 5.9ft x 1.8ft x 0.8ft Do you want to start a bit smaller? No worries, you can also omit panels to reduce the size of the garden beds – tailored to your needs. You can keep the panels you don’t use now for later. Once you harvest your first self-grown gems, you’ll be so stoked that you’ll want to expand your garden bed.