Double Sided Drum Pad

  •  DOUBLE SIDED DRUM PAD - This drum practice pad is the perfect gift for drummers and offers an authentic playing experience with great rebound just like a real drum set; The drum pad (patent pending) is excellent for practicing your skills, whether you are a newbie or an advanced percussionist  
  •  PRACTICE PAD - The 12” rubber foam drum pad is equipped with a silicone layer, so you can enjoy playing the drums without disturbing your family, roommates or neighbors; Improve your technique with the pad no worry from noise complaints 
  • DRUM PRACTICE PADS - The qualitative material contributes to supreme durability; The 1" robust wood, a grey playing side with non-toxic silicone and a black bottom side with EV cotton which ensures your pad won’t move  
  • PRACTICE DRUM PAD - Ready to play the drumming pad? The Kibaga drum pad for kids & adults is portable (weight: 2.5 lbs) and can therefore be used flexibly; Place it on your lap, table or any flat surface. The pad also works when clamped on a typical snare stand  
  •  SNARE DRUM PAD - Convenient size: Being 12", the snare drum practice pad is perfect for beginners & advanced players, as the large surface is very convenient when placed on your lap and also provides more play area
  • EAN: 8719689633165  

The Kibaga Drum Practice Pad (12 inch): An essential for any drummer
Whether you are just starting out with practicing percussion or you want to improve your technique, this double sided practice pad is certainly a must-have for any drummer.

The perfect practice pad: quiet, premium quality and authentic
Get your groove on without interrupting others! If you want to practice percussion sets like any rudiments or hand techniques, but don’t want to disturb anybody in the process, Drum pads are always a good choice. The 12 inch Kibaga marching snare drum pad (approx. 2.5 lbs/ 1.1 kg - Patent Pending) is made of 1 inch thick sturdy wood, a dark-grey playing side which is equipped with silicone and a black bottom side with EV cotton.

Take delight in our practice pad for a long time to come, thanks to the premium materials used - no wear and tear. Thanks to the rubber silicone playing side of the drum practice pad you’ll get a great rebound from the surface and get to know a real playing experience!

12 inch drums - The ideal size for any level
Beginners or advanced drummers alike will love the Kibaga premium drum practice pad. The diameter of 12 inches fits into any standard snare basket but can also just be placed on your lap or any other flat surface! The cotton bottom side ensures that the practice pad stays in place and won’t slide around. The size gives you a realistic feeling as most snare drums have about the same size.

You want to practice your percussion skills without worrying about noise complaints from your family or neighbors? Experience the top quality of the Kibaga drum practice pad first-hand and add it to your cart now!

P. S. We’d love to hear how the practice is going, get in touch so we can listen in!

Note: Included is a decagon shape drum practice pad only (no stand and sticks) - The perfect gift for drummers.