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Mason Bee House 2

  • Bee Hive -Enjoy beautiful blooming flowers in your yard with the Kibaga natural bamboo bee house
  • Bee House – Attract bees with your fantastic bee hive and enhance productivity of pollination
  • Bamboo Bee House – Provide a bee habitat & create a safe environment for native pollinator bees
  • Mason Bee House – The hanging bee nest is made of high quality natural bamboo & lasts about 2 yrs
  • Carpenter Bee House For Garden – The bee house comes with about 60 nesting tubes + hanging rope
The KIBAGA bee hive – a must-have for nature lovers! With the KIBAGA bamboo bee home you can contribute your share to the preservation of our bee population, while taking delight in several benefits that come along the way. The bee house is a perfect habitat for various species of bees, such as the peaceful mason bees, which are incredible pollinators. Thanks to its design with about 70 bamboo tubes, the Kibaga beehive is an excellent nesting spot for female bees, as they love to make themselves at home in pre-existing holes and gaps. For colder months it presents a cosy shelter for the insects. A good idea is to hang the bee home at the south or southwest side of your home, so the bees can enjoy a pleasant and warm environment. A natural hanging rope makes it easy to mount the bee hive (6x6x3.5 inch / 14,5×14,5×9 cm and 1.10 lbs / 0.5 kg ) to any branch without causing harm to your trees, but it also can be placed on your balcony, at your roof gutters or overhang. Please make sure the bee house is hung against a flat surface for a secure support (e. g. in case of high winds). An extra edge of about 1.5 cm / 0.6 inch at the front and back of the tubes provides additional weather protection. However, we highly recommend finding a sheltered spot, with the best possible shield from rain and wind. The durability of the bamboo bee hive is about two years. A natural eyecatcher for any yard! The bee house improves your garden environment in two ways: The high quality bamboo hive simply looks charming and the diligent little bees boost the blooming of your flowers enormously. Bonus: The bee home deters bees from nesting on your patio. It may takes some time until bees find their way to your bee hive – be patient, you’ll be rewarded. Do good and also create a lovely yard decoration – an unbeatable combination! With the bee hive starter kit to you can experience the benefits yourself!