Rustic Farmhouse Lantern Decor

  • Beautiful Modern Farmhouse Decor: Enhance your home decor in a unique way with the cute lanterns by KIBAGA! The rustic finish with the classy metal wire and wooden stands in a stylish distressed white look make them the perfect addition to your farmhouse decor in your living room, hallway & co.!
  • Set of 2 – Look Out For The Marvelous Duo: The two lanterns complement each other beautifully and form the most perfect rustic decor team! The set consists of two different sized lantern candle holders – a small one with 8.9×5.6” and a big one with 11.5×6.9”
  • Simply Charming – Anywhere In Your Home: The farmhouse metal lantern set makes for a lovely decor highlight around the house – use it as centerpiece on your dining table, as fireplace mantle decor or even use it to upgrade the decoration at a party or wedding to the next level!
  • Decorate Exactly To Your Taste: Do it your way – the lanterns offer you countless decor options! They look amazing with LED candles, faux ivy or other faux plants, fairy lights, flowers and other decor elements – you can even add seasonal accents for Christmas, Halloween & more (please note: not intended for real candles)
  • A Wonderful Gift For A Loved One: We know – these lanterns are such a great & versatile decor you just wanna keep for yourself, but why not get another set and put a smile on someone else’s face? The lanterns are a fantastic gift for a birthday, housewarming, mother’s day etc.

KIBAGA Farmhouse Lantern Set: Enhancing your home decor in an unique way! Freshen up your home decor with the cute lantern set by Kibaga. The rustic metal wire and white wooden stands in their modern distressed style bring home true farmhouse vibes. The lanterns come in a set of 2 – a small one and a bigger one – creating the perfect rustic decor duo for your living room, hallway, dining room & other areas around your home. The beautiful lanterns are a fantastic centerpiece for your dining table, fireplace mantle or in your hallway, but also make a special decorative highlight at a party or a wedding. It’s time to bring your decor to the next level! Your versatile home decor: You can always freshen up the lantern decor – whether you keep the lanterns without any additional decor elements or you add some other decorative items – it’s up to you! They look amazing with LED candles, fairy lights, faux ivy & lavender or other faux plants, flowers or even seasonal pieces for Christmas, Halloween and more. Please note: the lanterns are not (!) intended for use with real candles! It’s always a good time to surprise someone with a lovely gift! The lantern set makes a wonderful gift for a birthday, mother’s day, wedding or also for a housewarming party – what a great way to help someone to settle in & feel comfortable in their new home. Decorating your home like a pro with KIBAGA!