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Kids Placemats

  • Polypropylene
  • SET OF 4 EDUCATIONAL PLACEMATS FOR KIDS: Make mealtime creative, educational and entertaining for your kids; The learning placemats for kids (17.2×11.8”) help kids to study the alphabet, numbers, shapes & colors with four different designs of kid placemats
  • SUPER EXCITING LEARNING TOOL: An animal starting with a ‘C’ and a food on your plate with a ‘C’? Play fun games with the abc placemat for kids to encourage vocabulary building and improve your kids’ knowledge of numbers & counting, shapes and colors
  • MOTIVATES KIDS TO SIT & EAT: Especially for toddlers you may need some extra persuasion skills to keep them seated for their meal. Watch the awe and wonder the fun design & bright colors of the kids placemat bring – ‘sitting through a full meal’ challenge? Accepted!
  • STURDY, SAFE & NON SLIP PLACEMAT SET: The toddler placemat set is made of durable food grade polypropylene; Additionally, each kid’s placemat has a superior anti-slip coating – ‘cause we all want the food to stay ON the table
  • EASY TO CLEAN & REUSABLE: Cleaning the childrens placemats is easy as pie, simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth and reuse them on a daily basis for yummy munching sessions

The Kibaga kids placemat set of 4 is a true gem for any family with toddlers and young kids, as it combines the practical aspect of a placemat with a creative and educational benefit.

The trendy design makes children’s eyes shine: bright, colorful & with funny images
The kitchen table mats for kids come in a set of four different designs, each having their own mission in terms of being an exceptional learning tool:

  • ALPHABET: Learn the ABC and improve vocabulary building, starting with images (‘U for unicorn’) and adding new ideas
  • NUMBERS: How many elephants can you see? Learn numbers and count up to 10
  • SHAPES: Which is the blue shape? Get to know different shapes as well as colors
  • COLORS: Red, orange, yellow, green – so many colors and more can be seen!
Integrating the kids placemats into your kids daily eating routine will also improve the eating behavior of your toddlers and encourage them to stay seated during mealtime. Why not introduce different games to support them in memorizing all new information and boost everyone’s creativity at the same time?
Approved by mums, dads and kids: Each children placemat (17.2×11.8”) is made of polypropylene, noBPA food grade material. Using a 0.6mm PP 4 color process print and screen print anti-slip gloss oil, creates a durable coating resulting in two major benefits: the child’s placemat is non-slip and super easy to clean for you. Simply wipe it with a damp cloth and reuse it for a long time to come.
Tired of costly, boring and disposable toddler placemats?
Add the Kibaga non-slip placemats for kids to your cart now, to bring a practical tool into your household – you and your kids will love it!