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Handcrafted Wooden Bat House

  • Great Bat Shelter – Makes Bats Feel At Home: The 16.5×10.2×4” large bat houses with the efficient two chamber design offer an ideal roosting area for bats; Thanks to the dark brown cedar Kibaga bat houses for outdoor use, the flying mammals can find excellent conditions to live in
  • True Ecosystem Idols: Bats are vital as pollinators & seed dispensers which makes them crucial for our ecosystems and functional economic agricultures; Set up a bats house to support these versatile creatures
  • Eco-Friendly: Introducing a bat habitat provides many benefits – one of them, having a approach against mosquitoes & other insects, that are not only pesky but also damage crops & plants
  • Superb Bat Boxes For Outside: Bats are important and with the Kibaga premium bat house, made of long-lasting waterproof cedar, you create an appealing home for them for many years to come – just like bats love it
  • Easy To Mount & Maintain: Simply follow the recommendations to install the pre-assembled bat house with the included screws, in just the right place for our beautifully flying friends to settle, as well as to maintain it for a functional bat home every year
KIBAGA premium bathouse: The true game-changer for your yard or porch that is perfect for most U.S. climates! Bats are really beneficial as they take care of annoying insects as well as pollination & seed deliverers. Set up a house for bats to allow them to find a cozy roosting and nesting home. Made of long-lasting waterproof cedar in dark brown and with 2 chambers, the KIBAGA batbox (16.5×10.2×3.9”) offers excellent conditions. There are more than 1300 species of bats which take care of enormous amounts of mosquitoes & other night active insects like cutworm moths & corn borers. Fascinating fact: 1 brown bat can eat up to 600 mosquitoes in just a single hour. Bats are also taking part in the pollination needed by many plants, fruit & vegetables. Rest assured though, bats will not detract or interfere with wild birds that you’ve welcomed into your yard. With the premium bat house by KIBAGA you can enjoy the benefits of a bat habitat in your yard and become a bat landlord!