Beautiful Wooden Growth Chart for Kids

  • Watch Your Kid Grow & Cherish The Milestones Forever: A family tradition you will love! As your love for your kids grow, so do your kiddos – the cute growth chart for kids by KIBAGA is here to wonderfully chronicle the development of your child starting from the very first day up to a height of 6 foot 6 inches. A unique keepsake with incredible nostalgic value for the entire family!
  • Create Lasting Memories With The Height Sticker Set: Let’s capture all those precious moments for eternity! Thanks to the 2 sheets of height marker stickers you can track the growth of your little ones effortlessly – up to your height, as there are also “mom” & “dad” stickers! The height measurement chart also makes for a fantastic photo spot, so take a snapshot at each milestone – super sweet!
  • Beyond Easy To Install: The set includes 7 beautifully crafted wooden panels as well as 28 adhesive strips for an easy and quick installation! Measuring from 16” to 6′ 6” the growth chart needs to be installed a few inches off the ground, simply follow the instruction guidelines for correct mounting and ensuring a precise measurement. Countless happy family moments await you!
  • Great Fit For Any Room – Portable & Stays With You: Portable keepsakes? How clever! The kids height wall chart not only harmoniously blends with any nursery interior, kids room or playroom wall decor, but also comes along whenever there is a planned house move or you want to relocate it into another room – preserving all memories, ‘cause they are truly invaluable
  • Heartfelt Gift For Parents & Those Who Are Soon-To-Be: The growth chart is a gift that makes everyones heart go all warm & fuzzy! Absolutely thoughtful, creative and unique, whether as a gift for a baby shower, pregnancy, christening, (first) birthday or even a housewarming for (expectant) parents – it is made so you can start anytime, it’s never too late to make beautiful memories

Kids’ Growth Chart by KIBAGA: Capturing moments that are simply invaluable! From where the grand family adventure began to all your kids’ big milestones, with the growth chart by KIBAGA you can track the growth of your kids effortlessly. Let’s celebrate those precious moments to the fullest! There are two sheets of cute height marker stickers included for you to display the progress of your kid. The growth chart is a fantastic way to reflect about the time passed since the last measurement & simply to have a whole load of fun together. A super precious tradition for the entire family! The growth chart measures from 16” to 6′ 6” – meaning nearly all family members can use the chart and take part in the fun family project. There are even “mom” and “dad” stickers – at which age will your kid surpass your height? A wonderful memory for eternity – for young and old. The growth chart is a keepsake that you, your kids and even your grandchildren will cherish forever. Easy to install & move: Follow the instructions for an easy and quick installation of the 7 wooden panels. As you install the panels using the 28 adhesive strips, it is very easy to remove the chart & place it in another room, flat or house. The treasured memories stay with you for a lifetime (and beyond). Note: Measuring from 16” to 6′ 6” the chart needs to be installed a few inches off the floor. There’s no better gift than memories: What a unique and thoughtful way to spoil a loved one and make them shine! The growth chart is a great gift for a baby shower, pregnancy, christening or birthday!