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Gorgeous Salt And Pepper Grinder Set

  • SALT AND PEPPER GRINDER SET OF 2 – Say goodbye to bulky spice shakers! With the stainless steel salt & pepper grinder you bring a true star into your home; The classic design is the perfect addition to any kitchen and is also a great gift
  • SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS with Adjustable Grinder – Equipped with a 5 grade adjustable ceramic rotor for grinding, giving the option to adjust the coarseness (fine to coarse); Enjoy freshly ground salt or pepper to suit your taste
  • PEPPER GRINDER come with a stainless steel lid to maintain the freshness of the spices and keep dust and moisture out; Due to the dispenser being on top, neither salt nor black pepper corns will end up on your table
  • LARGE SALT AND PEPPER MILLS: A capacity of up to 6oz (180ml) leads to less frequent refills of the salt and pepper grinders; Thanks to the clear glass body you will always be in the loop when it’s time to refill the spices by simply unscrewing the body
  • SALT GRINDER – Premium materials make this himalayan salt and pepper mill grinder set a long-lasting kitchen utensil; The salt & pepper grinders are made of high-quality stainless steel tops with lids, a robust glass body and a high-grade ceramic rotor
Fill KIBAGA Salt and Pepper Grinders with the spices of your choice, choose a coarseness setting, and a couple of twists later you’ll have the perfect amount of seasoning on your meal! A premium 5 grade adjustable ceramic rotor is integrated in these cute salt and pepper dispensers that allows you to grind pink himalayan salts and white sea salts, black pepper corns or other spices to the coarseness you are aiming for – from coarse to fine. Turn the black knob on top of the shaker, hold on to the steel section and twist the glass body. To maintain the freshness of your grounded spices, each pepper mill grinder comes with a lid with a strong rubber seal, that also keeps both dust and moisture out.
Thoughtful design combined with premium quality:
Thanks to the grind sitting on top of the glass base, your spices won’t leak and leave a mess on your table. To make the himalayan salt & pepper grinder a long-lasting gem, only premium materials have been used. The lid and the top section is made of non-corrosive stainless steel, the crusher grinder of high quality ceramic and the body is a sturdy glass bottle. Both mills are identical and due to their light weight and ideal shape (6.5×19.5cm) very easy to hold and operate. The large 6oz (180ml) capacity of the spice grinder set ensures that refills are rarely needed (Salt & Pepper not incl.). However, the stainless steel/metal salt shaker top can be easily unscrewed for refilling the spices through the wide opening. Also taking apart and reassembling for cleaning is super easy.
The salt and pepper grinder set also charms with its looks! The dynamic duo gives your table or counter a classy highlight. A beautiful and functional addition to your home!
Great gift:
Treat someone with the elegant salt & pepper shakers that are packaged in a special gift box.
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