2x Salt & Pepper Shaker

  • SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS WITH ADJUSTABLE LID - Enjoy sea, Himalayan or kosher salt, as well as any pepper that suits your taste! Thanks to a unique dial lid, you can easily choose how much salt or pepper you’d like to add to your meal
  • PEPPER SHAKERS - Keep it fresh’n’dry: The Kibaga clog free salt and pepper shakers come with a stainless steel lid that features a setting with no holes, making it perfect for maintaining the freshness of any spices and to keep dust & moisture at bay
  • SALT SHAKER WITH LID MADE TO LAST - Premium materials make this salt pepper shakers set a long-lasting kitchen utensil; The handy salt pepper dispenser are made of a high-quality stainless steel shell with lids and a robust glass body, which is cleaned in no time
  • SALT & PEPPER DISPENSER - The pepper shakers/sea salt dispenser (2.6x2.6x4.5”) offer ample space for your favourite salt or peppercorns, resulting in less frequent refills; Thanks to the stainless steel twist it is super easy to refill the spices
  • ELEGANT DESIGN - Say goodbye to bulky spice shakers! With the Kibaga premium sea salt shaker and pepper dispenser you bring a true star into your home; The classic design visually enhances any kitchen
  • EAN: 8719689633042 

The Kibaga salt-and-pepper shakers: your seasoning dream team
Fill them with the spices of your choice, choose a portion size - thanks to the different pour holes in the lid - and a couple of shakes later you’ll have the perfect amount of seasoning on your meal!

Thoughtful design combined with excellent quality: To maintain the freshness of your favorite spices, each shaker comes with a lid that has a closed setting (no hole), which also keeps both dust and moisture out. To make the salt shaker set a long-lasting gem, only premium materials have been used. The lid and the shell are made of non-corrosive stainless steel, the hidden bottle is a sturdy glass jar. Both shakers are identical and due to their light weight and ideal shape (2.6x2.6x.4.5 inches) very comfortable to both hold and use.

The himalayan salt dispenser and pepper shaker also charm with their looks! The dynamic duo gives your table or counter a classy highlight: a timeless stainless steel shell encloses the interior glass bottle. A beautiful and functional addition to your home!

Quick and easy refills & cleaning: Filling the salt and pepper condiment shakers is super easy since you have two options to refill them: either unscrew the top lid or twist off the stainless steel body from the glass bottle. Please give your spices some space and air and only top up your Himalayan salt shaker to about ¾ of capacity. To clean the kosher salt shaker simply unscrew the units and rinse each part separately. Before refilling the sea salt and pepper shakers, let them completely dry out and then make sure to close them tight by twisting them clockwise.

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Please note: Spices are not included.