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2X Gorgeous Olive Oil And Vinegar Dispenser

  • OLIVE OIL DISPENSER SET – Thanks to its functional design, the Kibaga olive oil dispenser makes it incredibly easy to add oil or vinegar to any dish! Additionally, the non-drip feature of the oil bottle ensures that your kitchen stays clean
  • OIL AND VINEGAR DISPENSER SET – The oil dispenser set is made of a robust glass, protected by a top-notch stainless steel shell & lid; be confident that the premium quality of the olive oil bottle (2.5×2.5×6.5”) will bring a durable gem into your home
  • OIL DISPENSER SET – Enjoy the functional benefits of the vinegar dispenser, while adding an eyecatcher to your interior; stainless steel and glass – the perfect combination – create an elegant and classic kitchen star
  • OIL CRUET STAINLESS STEEL – To clean the leakproof oil container rinse the stainless steel lid with water (the glass bottle is dishwasher-safe); when refilling the 9.4oz oil dispenser just disassemble the cruet bottle with a twist & you’re good to go
  • OLIVE OIL AND VINEGAR DISPENSER SET comes in a gift box which makes it great for putting a smile on anyone’s face; whether for christmas, a housewarming, wedding or birthday, the stylish balsamic vinegar dispenser is the perfect choice
The Kibaga oil and vinegar dispenser set – your unbeatable kitchen duo!
Enjoy just the right amount of your favorite oils, vinegar, cooking oils, sauces and more. Thanks to the steady stream, the olive oil dispenser enables you to have full portion control. Additionally, the clever design of the dispenser spout prevents your oils from dripping and ensures your kitchen stays spotless. Refilling your choice of oils or vinegar into the 9.4oz stainless steel oil dispenser (2.5×2.5×6.5”) is extremely easy. Simply twist the bottle to disassemble and fill it up to 3/4 full for use.
The Kibaga olive oil dispenser set is made of premium materials. A high-quality stainless steel shell with lid and a robust glass ensure a durable use of the vinegar cruet dispenser. In order to keep your dispenser around for a long time, simply remember two facts: when cleaning the cruet bottle hand wash the stainless steel part, as it is not dishwasher-safe, whereas the glass can be put straight in the dishwasher. Also be careful of rubber washers during filling or washing and always store the dressing cruet in a dry location with even temperature.
This stylish olive oil dispenser set needs to be seen as it charms with its classic, elegant design. A visual addition to any kitchen or dining room.
Speaking of great looks, the Kibaga oil and vinegar dispenser cruets also make a wonderful gift! So you definitely can’t go wrong with these oil & vinegar bottles!
Get your dispenser dream team today and add the Kibaga oil and vinegar dispenser set to your cart now!