Coffee Dripper

  • STAINLESS STEEL COFFEE FILTER - Go barista-style! The large Kibaga coffee dripper (5.2” outer diameter; 1-4 cups in a brew) allows nutrients and flavored oils to seep right into your mug, creating a rich, delicious coffee - a taste you’ll never want to miss again
  • COFFEE DRIPPER - Using the pour over coffee maker to whip up the best home-brewed coffee is super easy; simply place the coffee strainer on top of your mug (with the non-slip stand), add coffee, pour in the hot water and enjoy
  • POUR OVER COFFEE MAKER - The food-grade stainless steel filter design makes sure that the coffee brewer doesn’t clog up, while the heat-resistant black handle of the cone brewer, provides a secure grip and prevents your fingers from getting burnt
  • METAL COFFEE CONE - The stainless steel coffee filters are made of high-quality mesh and come with a separate stand, ensuring long-lasting & easy use. Added bonus: no extra paper filters are necessary - save money & the environment
  • POUR OVER BREWER - After having your morning (or afternoon?) coffee, simply rinse the reusable pour over coffee dripper with hot water and let it air dry or just use the filter again for a second round of delicious coffee - it’s as easy as that

The Kibaga Stainless Steel Coffee Dripper meets all your brewing needs
The reusable coffee dripper makes it a breeze to make your very own flavorful pour over coffee: quality materials combined with a functional design. The special food-grade stainless steel filter design prevents the coffee dripper filter from clogging up and also ensures that all nutrients and flavored oils pass through right into your mug - creating a delicious, well-balanced coffee. The separate stand is equipped with a black non-slip silicone ring that fits over coffee cups & carafes (if needed). You can also use the pour-over brewer without the stand. A heat-resistant black handle makes it easy to hold the coffee dripper filter and avoids burned fingers. The classic look, makes the fiter a truly barista-like gem.

Enjoy a superior coffee drinking experience without using any extra paper filters - your wallet and mother nature will thank you!

You don’t need any magic skills to brew the perfect coffee. Allow yourself the time to find YOUR ultimate brewing style by trial and error. And since the large drip cone coffee filter (5.2” outer diameter) can brew up to 4 cups in one go, you can ask your friends and family to have a taste, too.

Get your brewing technique started with these simple steps:

  1. Heat water to 200°F / 95-96°C
  2. Choose a serving size and fill the ground coffee into the filter
  3. Ensure that all coffee grounds are covered with water - wait about 30 seconds
  4. Let’s brew: pour heated water into the filter using a circular motion until you reach your serving size
  5. Grab your coffee mug, take a sip and close your eyes - tastes like heaven!

Tip: Using a coarse grind is recommended, as it filters through the stainless steel filter better than a super fine grind.

Bring your coffee drinking experience to a whole new level and add the Kibaga Coffee Dripper to your cart now!