4x Taco Holder

  • TACO HOLDER SET OF 4 - Once you indulge in your taco addiction and give the Kibaga taco holders a try, you’ll never look back! Place the taco shells in the 3 slots, add a filling, place in the oven/grill and you’re all set - gotta love that melted cheese!
  • TACO STAND - We love tacos just as much as you do! Each taco serving tray (8”x4”x2”) features a stainless steel handle to assist you e.g. for taking the taco shaper out of the oven! Simply grab the trays by their handles and you're good to go
  • STAINLESS STEEL TACO RACK - The taco holders set of 4 are designed to give your tacos a solid grip and keep your precious toppings from falling out - no mess or spilling over thanks to the taco molds! Create 12 yummy tacos and enjoy them to the full
  • STAINLESS STEEL TACO HOLDERS - Go full on Mexican style and use the taco holder stand even for soft tacos & fajitas; the taco rack is available in a set of 2 or 4, making them perfect for savoring delicious tacos by yourself or at a taco night with friends
  • Fast cleaning - Don’t worry about the washing up - the practical BPA-free & durable taco shells holder are dishwasher-safe; more time to focus on the important things in life such as creating new fillings for your tasty tacos

Kibaga Taco Holder Set of 4 - We all know how messy making tacos can get. The Kibaga taco holders are your solution and support your taco experience from start to finish!

Grab the metal taco holder and listen to your stomach! Each rack (width 2.6” each) provides space for three shells or, if you’re not that hungry, you can flip it around to make two tacos instead of three.
Prepare the shells with the filling of your choice. Thanks to the upright position none of your ingredients will spill out and leave a mess on your counter. Taco ‘bout making life easy!

Place the taco rack stand in the oven or on the grill, if required.As an added bonus: the oven- and grill-safe taco holders allow you to keep the tacos warmer for longer, simply by heating the shells before serving.

Unique Kibaga design:Each food-grade stainless steel taco holder (8” L x 4” W x 2" H) is equipped with a handle. Great for carrying the mexican taco holder and taking it out of the oven safely.

Tacos are all gone? Don’t be sad, the taco serving stand also makes the cleaning process fast and easy. The magic word is dishwasher! And who says you can’t have more tacos tomorrow? The Kibaga street taco holder makes taco preparation so easy, you can have them every day.

Have a Mexican party! Invite some friends over and let the taco games begin. Hard tacos, soft tacos or even fajitas can be made with the durable BPA-free stainless steel taco stand, which is also available in a set of 2.

Celebrate your taco feast in style and add the Kibaga Taco Holder Set of 4 to your cart now!

Please note: Tacos are not included in the set.