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2x Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs

  • INSULATED COFFEE MUG WITH LID - Hot or cold - the Kibaga Coffee mug with its classic look works for your hot coffee and ice cold beer; The double-wall design of the stainless steel coffee cups prevents condensation, as much as burnt hands
  • STAINLESS STEEL COFFEE MUG - Indulge your hot or cold drink on the go! Simply place the leak and spill resistant lid - with premium rubber gasket - on the lightweight metal coffee mug and sip a delicious beverage through an integrated opening mechanism
  • INSULATED COFFEE MUGS REUSABLE - The premium materials of the thermal coffee mug are sturdy & shatterproof and made of food grade BPA free quality; Enjoy the benefits of the high quality camping coffee mugs for years to come - healthy, zero toxins style
  • INSULATED COFFEE CUP WITH LID AND HANDLE - With 14 oz, 3.9” height and 3.3” diameter, the straight stainless steel tumbler provides ample space for a perfect amount of your favorite drink; The handle gives you always an easy grip
  • INSULATED COFFEE CUPS WITH LIDS - The magic word is ‘dishwasher-safe’ because aren’t we all sick of coffee mugs that need to be hand-washed? Save time (and your sanity) by simply putting the 100% rust-free Kibaga stainless steel coffee cup set in the dishwasher

The Kibaga stainless steel coffee mugs - savor any hot or cold beverage
This stainless steel coffee cup set is the real deal! Thanks to the stainless steel tumbler, hot stays hot and cold stays cold for a longer period of time compared to a traditional mug - it’s as easy as that! The 14 oz coffee mug (3.9” tall and 3.3” diameter) provides ample space to keep your coffee, tea or hot chocolate deliciously warm or to enjoy your ice cold beer.

The insulated coffee mug not only scores with its classic silhouette making it look fabulous, but is on top of that equipped with a smart design. The double walled coffee cup will neither cause condensation or sweating, nor burn your hand when grabbing the mug filled with hot liquids.
Take the premium coffee cups in a car, bus or on a camping trip. Each mug comes with an easily removable, leak and spill resistant lid and an integrated rubber gasket - for easy and safe portability without any spills. A robust and ergonomic shaped handle, securely welded on the coffee mug, assists you in comfortably grabbing the lightweight stainless steel coffee cup with just one hand.

Premium food grade quality and so easy to clean: The Kibaga coffee mugs are made of food grade BPA free quality, meaning they are 100% non-toxic. Only premium materials are used for the tumblers with lid, leading to shatterproof and dent resistant cups (we all know how quick a coffee mug sometimes makes its way down to the floor). Moreover, stainless steel is rust proof, so the coffee cups will remain in pristine shape for years to come and are also dishwasher-safe!

What is better than one coffee mug? Two coffee mugs! The Kibaga stainless steel coffee mugs come in a set of 2, so you always have one at hand. Be quick and put them in your cart now.